Spring Semester has begun!

Although it may have started out with a "snow day" Spring Semester has officially arrived at NYU and with it comes lots of changes for our club.

This is indeed the first blog post on our new club website - nyucirclek.org - which is exciting in itself, but also brings along useful new tools. 

  • About - it's easy to forget that we are part of an international organization touching all corners of the world and that our international and district board of executives have outlined the goals of Circle K. This page can be useful for prospective and current members to learn more about the organization. 
  • Calendar - having all our important dates in one place is invaluable in the goal of fostering participation. We strive to give our members the most opportunities to get involved as possible and now it's easier to find what fits your schedule. 
  • Updates - as an alternative to newsletters, which not only feel outdated, but can be tedious and time consuming to read, this page for blog like updates is a quicker more convenient way to get details on the upcoming and recaps of our involvement.
  • Join - we are looking year round to invite new members into our community and that can be difficult when they are unsure or intimidated. Now our members can simply direct their friends and peers to this website to see for themselves what we are all about.
  • Contact - we love to hear from our members and community. Now you have a way to get in touch while knowing your questions, comments, and concerns will get to the right person. 

You may have also noticed we now have an account on Twitter aimed at giving our members quick info on all of our affairs. FOLLOW US HERE @NYUCircleK

On the note of social media you can also find a feed from both our Facebook and Twitter pages to the right in addition to a quick look at nearing events off our calendar page.

That's it for this post. Be sure to check back soon, I'll be posting notifications on Facebook/Twitter when there is a new post!

Jack Curzon - NYU Circle K Editor